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"This is absolutely beautiful! Very big & healthy. Excellent packing. 5 stars!!!!"


"Healthy seedlings as described. Very fast delivery. Highly recommended seller."


"Nice, smooth transaction. Beautiful palm! Would definitely buy from again!"


Welcome to MB Palms

MB Palms Rare palm seedlingsHere at MB Palms, we pride ourselves in providing you with the biggest selection of rare palm trees, rare palm seedlings, and cycads from all over the world. MB Palms' shopping cart is currently under construction, but please feel free to look around at our rare palm seedlings, rare palm tree, and cycad price lists and rare palm tree detail pages for all information on these rare palms and cycads. You can currently purchase a selection of MB Palms' rare palm trees, rare palm seedlings, and cycads at MB Palms' eBay Store, but for palms or cycads that are not currently up in the store, please email us on our MB Palms Contact page!

Based out of Orlando, Florida, MB Palms strives to bring you the most efficient source of rare palm trees, cycads, rare palm seedlings, and any other needs you might have for your local nursery, or just to make your home look that much better. MB Palms make any landscape come to life, whether it be outside or inside. Keep checking back as we keep the rarest palm seedlings, trees, and cycads in stock.

Palm of the Month Club

Here is a great opportunity to join MB Palms, Rare Palm of the Month Club, (either 4” seedling or one gallon size) now in its 3rd year. Please read the paragraphs below to learn about all the detail and benefits you will receive from joining MB Palms Palm of the Month Club.

To begin, a 1 year's membership will grant you 12 rare palm trees from around the world. All rare palm trees will be shipped on the second Tuesday of every month, starting the first Tuesday after you join, and ending 12 months later. Each rare palm tree will arrive labeled, healthy, and ready to add to your rare palm tree collection. The rare palm tree will be shipped USPS priority mail, packaged well to insure a safe trip.

The individual rare palm trees will be hand selected from our rare palm tree inventory that now exceeds 200 species. The rare palm tree's overall size and age will vary throughout the year, adding to the excitement of receiving your rare palm tree every month.

Your membership will also provide special advantages throughout the year including, but not limited too; discount coupons to our website, rare palm seedlings included in random month's shipments, and special offers to buy very rare palm trees we do not usually sell on eBay or our website.

We strive to ensure that all of our rare palm trees will arrive in good health. In the rare case the rare palm trees do not arrive in good health or do not survive the first few months, we will replace the rare palm tree at no charge. Please check MB Palms Store on details for signing up.